Meditation Lab: Empathy and Energy

Meditation at Rishikesh, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Soltan Frédéric / Sygma via Getty Images

We all know what meditation looks like, and many of us know what it feels like. But what does it provide us in return for these brief periods of mental and physical stillness? Join Robert and Joe as they talk to Emory University meditation researcher Dr. Jennifer Muscaro about the challenges of objective scientific meditation research and the empathetic potential of compassion meditation. Plus they’ll check in with Vedic meditation instructor Jill Wener and discuss stress and adaptation energy.

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Jennifer Mascaro, PhD

Jill Wener, MD Conscious Health Meditation & Wellness

Meditation in action.
Meditation in action.
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Topics in this Podcast: meditation, Empathy, energy