From the Vault: Techno-Religion, Part 2

Kirlian photography is the corona discharge phenomenon, which takes place when an electrically grounded object discharges sparks between itself and an electrode generating the electrical field. When these sparks are captured on film they give the appearance of coronas of light. The discharges can be affected by temperature, moisture, pressure, or other environmental factors. In paranormal circles this method is seen as visualizing an object's 'aura', and is used as a diagnostic technique in some alternative therapies. Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

We often think of technology and religion as distinct and separate worlds, but what happens when they converge? Join Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick in this two-part episode as they examine religious world views shaped by technology, such as John Murray Spear’s electrical messiah, the simple prayer wheel and the psycho-spiritual technologies of Scientology. (Originally published Jun 11, 2015)

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