From the Vault: John C. Lilly

'John C. Lilly' Nicolás AKA Rosenfeldtown on Deviant Art.

The figure of John C. Lilly as psychedelic dolphin communicator burns in the collective memory as a counterculture avatar, yet his legacy embodies far more than the mythologized and/or vilified figure that most of us know. Join Robert Lamb and Christian Sager as they examine the life, career and ideas of Lilly the scientist, Lilly the counterespionage researcher and Lilly the psychonaut. Welcome to the province of the mind. (Originally published Feb. 23, 2016)

Image Credit: "John C. Lilly" by Nicolás AKA Rosenfeldtown on Deviant Art.

Outro Music Credit: "The Agent" by Art Department, off the album "Natural Selection" (courtesy No.19 Music). You can listen to more at SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon or wherever you get your digital music.

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