Chinese Zodiac: Superstition, Economics & Destiny

In this picture taken on January 14, 2017, feng shui master Thierry Chow holds up a metal rooster in her Hong Kong office. US President Donald Trump will strut through the Year of the Rooster, thriving as Hong Kong geomancers predict 2017 will be marked by the arguments and aggression -- characteristics attributed to the animal. AARON TAM/AFP/Getty Images

As we celebrate Chinese New Year and enter the year of the fire rooster, join Robert and Joe for an encore Stuff to Blow Your Mind exploration of the Chinese zodiac and some interesting studies related to its impact on birth rates, economics and individual destiny. As always, you can take astrology with a grain of salt, but the impact on human behavior and culture is undeniable.

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Topics in this Podcast: China, economics, superstition