Cargoism: Science, Desire and the Cargo Cults

Cargoism: Science, Desire and the Cargo Cults

During the Second World War, Melanesian islanders encountered the vast, commercial systems of Allied and Japanese forces. Cargo Cults sprang up in the wake of such contact, typified by deification and a ritualistic appeal to the impossible return of material wealth. What can such encounters tell us about science, programing, sustainability and the human condition? Robert and Christian explore in this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

Image Caption: After the celebration in Sulphur Bay, a group of young men climb to the top of Mount Yasur, a powerful, active volcano near Sulphur Bay on the island of Vanuatu, circa 1995. The faithful believe that a large portion of John Frum's army lives in the craters. (Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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