Adam C. English Reveals the Historic Saint Nick

Robert Lamb chats with Adam C. English, Chair of the Department of Christian Studies at Campbell University and author of 'The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus: The True Life and Trials of Nicholas of Myra.'

Space Music: Solar Metsys, Legowelt, Fever Ray

Robert Lamb blogs about new music from TonicEmbark, Legowelt, Fever Ray, Pye Corner Audio

It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.

Christian Sager says goodbye to Stuff to Blow Your Mind, but shares his thoughts on the many topics he helped cover in his time with the show.

Podcast Lookout: Nature of the Bear

Robert Lamb shares a couple of excellent podcast episodes related to the mystery, behavior, fascination and wonder of the bear.

Space Music: Halloween Sounds 2017

Robert Lamb shares some more uncanny, seasonal music for your Halloween listening pleasure...

‘The Rage of Achilles’ and the Bicameral Mind

Robert Lamb discusses Terence Hawkins' 2009 novel 'The Rage of Achilles' and its use of Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind.

Space Music: 'The Petrified Forest'

Robert Lamb discusses the new ambient release from Biosphere and the 1936 film that inspired it.

See STBYM Live at NYCC: Stranger Science!

With another season of “Stranger Things” just around the corner, the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast explores the mind-rending science and pseudoscience behind government psychic research, sensory deprivation tanks, interdimensional travel and the real-life researcher lurking behind the fictional Dr. Brenner. Join hosts Robert, Joe and Christian as they take your scientific understanding of reality deep into the upsidedown.

Monster of the Week: Blade the Dhampir and Slime Mites

What do Blade the vampire slayer and the lowly slime mite have in common? Robert Lamb explores...

Space Music: ‘Iteration’ by Com Truise

The Com Truise sci-fi saga continues with the album 'Iteration.' Robert Lamb weighs in...