Who's on Hubble?

Allison Loudermilk

The crew entrusted with Hubble's future (Photo courtesy NASA)

I'm sure you know all about the most famous eye in the sky and how it's been sorely in need of repairs. You might even have memorized some of the events slated for the long-awaited STS-125 mission to fix Hubble. But what do really you know about the six men and one woman on board space shuttle Atlantis entrusted with this space adventure?

For instance, did you know that more than a quarter of the crew is trying to bring back the mustache? Or that more than half are friendly Midwesterners? Or that 37-year-old Mission Specialist Megan McArthur is the only woman on board and that she's single, fellas? The California girl enjoys scuba diving, backpacking and cooking. But let's be honest. She's probably way too dang smart for you.

Being an astronaut seems to be conducive to marriage (and fertility) because every one of the men on board is married, and they sired a combined total of 15 children. Only Mission Specialist Andrew Feustel is holding out on the kid front. For some reason, NASA doesn't say why on his bio. Maybe he's been too busy concentrating on the three spacewalks he'll be performing on flight days 4, 6 and 8?

The bios on these folks are fascinating. Seriously. Haven't you always wondered what an astronaut is like? Get to know just who's all up in your orbit and consider yourself a little more enlightened.

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