Uncanny Music: Journey into 'La Porta Ermetica'

Sonic doorways. Giallo Disco Records

Ever since our podcast episode "The Science of Uncanny Music," I've felt obligated to share whatever dark, synth-laden sounds creep their way into my study at night. So I'm thrilled to share with you Alessandro Parisi's "La Porta Ermetica," available from Giallo Disco Records.

I'm a child of the VHS era, so a lot of the more horrifying and inspiring visuals to creep into my brain were accompanied by electronic soundscapes. On the mainstream side of things, we're talking Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter and Alan Howarth. But I also watched my share of Italian genre pictures from such directors as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. So that means the haunting sounds of Goblin, Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Frizzi.*

Alessandro Parisi, himself Italian, follows faithfully in the footsteps of his elders. He specializes in "retro-futurist soundtrack re-imaginings," which is to say he creates unique and original electronic scores that resonate with the same haunting and foreboding energy. Let's here some of it.

That's "Hesperius Draco," one of my favorite tracks off the record. The warped vocals stir nicely out of a pool of ambient discordia as the track rises in a driving build to some inevitable confrontation with ancient forces of darkness. Or at least that's my read on it...

You can sample the rest of "La Porta Ermetica" below -- a "journey through mystical realms and Italian fog." If you dig it as much as I do, be sure to download your own copy (or preorder some delicious vinyl) at the Giallo Disco Bandcamp page.

* Check out "From Goblin to Morricone: the art of horror movie music" by Stephen Thrower

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