Top 10 Mind-Blowers: Nudity

Naked Flesh is a Diagnostic Tool
Stephen Smith/Image Bank/Getty

For all our layered garments, humans are still creatures of flesh -- and our flesh tells a tale. In fact, you can think of our naked skin as a communication array of sorts.

According to neurobiologist Mark Changizi, color vision may have evolved in order for us to detect emotive skin color changes, such as blushing. Full-body skin color changes also occur due to hundreds of different diseases, but we often don't notice because there's no baseline skin color to compare them to.

In a 2010 paper published in Medical Hypothesis, Changizi argued that doctors might better notice these changes if hospital gowns and bed sheets were colored to match a patient's normal skin color. That way, the contrast would be instantly noticeable in the event of cyanosis and other health-related skin color changes. Listen to the skin...

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