Top 10 Mind-Blowers: Babies and Toddlers

Babies are Tiny Sherlocks
Majesty, by Simone Martini (Mondadori via Getty Images)

Think you can pull something over the larval ones? Well, think twice about your little lies because each baby or toddler is a natural-born Sherlock Holmes programed to figure out the world.

Each one is a natural Euclidian, born navigate a three-dimensional world of fixed and moveable objects. In other words, we start utilizing geometry before we can even name stuff. We don't understand "wall" or "cat" but already we can think in geometric terms.

For instance, kids use geometric clues to navigate through rooms. Given all the means of navigating their environment, they're most likely to use the lengths of walls in a room to remember where a toy is hidden rather than color or decoration.

We're also born with an innate understanding of basic physical laws. Only adults believe in magic, while a toddler sees right through all the supernatural BS. An MIT study even found that young children understand teleportation isn't feasible.

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