Space Music: Carl Sagan - "A Glorious Dawn"

In another installment of space music, I have to help spread the word about this marvelous audiovisual creation by John Boswell, AKA melodysheep of Color Pulse Music. What he's done here is take samples and footage from Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" and Stephen Hawking's "Universe" and mixed it all into a musical tribute. [youtube=]

Boswell's talent really shines through, but the whole Auto-tune video also feels sincere -- musically illuminating Hawking and (especially) Sagan's passion for space in an almost spiritual sense. Luckily, we still have Hawking, the world's foremost theoretical physicist, known mostly for contributions to our understanding of singularities.

Sadly, Carl Sagan died in 1996, following a long bout with myelodysplasia, a rare bone marrow disease, but during his time, the noted astronomer and astrophysicist contributed immensely to the popularization of astronomy, astrophysics and science in general. For those of you who missed "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage," the 13-part series is available on DVD, and you can even watch it on Hulu.

The video has become something of a YouTube hit, which reassures me a little about humanity and its entertainment choices. That puppy never manages to roll over. Trust me. Thanks to E. Robert Frank for bringing this to my attention. You might know him from his "Just Like That" mash-up of old Ric Flair videos.

EDIT: Be sure to check out Tracy's FanStuff interview with John Boswell as well!

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