Space Music: Umberto's 'Alienation'

I've been enjoying the work of LA-based Umberto for quit a while as his music tends to hit that VHS-era synth zone of retro electronic sounds. And certainly, if you love that sonic realm as much as I do, then his many releases and mixes will sooth your inner synth demons.

Now Umberto has a new album out, and it's rather transformative. "Alienation" certainly contains that blessed retro synth DNA, but its tracks plot a course through subtler terrains as well -- hints of soothing ambience in "Elimination" and "Awakenings" and a dark pop sensibility in "White Night." It all adds up to an excellent release that exceeds expectations and provides a wonderful, spaced out soundtrack to your cosmic contemplations. Here's a taste of the darker tracks "Dawn of Mirrors" and "Drifters."

You can pick it up on BandCamp, stream it on Spotify or get it wherever you find you digital hook-up these days. It's out now on Not Not Fun records.

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