Space Music: Unit Black Flight, Steve Moore & MAVS

Snake Plissken digs it...  Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images
Snake Plissken digs it... Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

I’ve covered the music of Unit Black Flight here before. The moniker alone (playing off Snake Plissken’s Special Forces Unit Black Light) grabs your attention, but San Francisco-based Bryan Lane is also one Hell of a synth wizard. His previous releases (“Tracks from the Trailer,” “Where is Carlos”) both hit that sweet spot of driving, electro-nostalgia and his latest release takes it all to the next level.

Evocations EP” is an up-tempo dance floor action sequence. Giallo Disco Records describes it as “Classic Carpenter Worship” and it’s certainly all that and more. This is 80s Carpenter on Ecstasy. This is R.J. MacReady, Professor Howard Birack and The Duke of New York City all tearing it up in the sweaty, neon-lit depths of an Apocalypse Trilogy rave. Plus, the EP features remixes by Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi.

Give it a taste with this sampler:

Steve Moore’s ‘The Mind’s Eye’

I’m obviously a sucker for effective electronic film scores. For my money, a solid helping of snyth can boost the viewing experience of any film by a good 20-40 percent. I’m only half joking. As such, I really need to give the 2015 horror film “The Mind’s Eye” a viewing because the original score by Steve Moore is fantastic.

Some of you might know Moore best as the synth/bass player for the synthwave band Zombi, and his work here really shines. The film itself is a “Scanners” inspired tale of evil corporations and renegade psychics -- and the score titters, burns and pulsates across the expected dramatic topography. I’m not saying it’ll make your head explode, but it does bring the world of normals to their knees. A couple of my favorite tracks include the serene “Good Girl” and “The Shot.”

You can stream the entire album on Soundcloud and Spotify, but here's a taste:

Makeup and Vanity Set (MAVS)

I’m constantly running across new, cosmically-inspiring artists with deep discographies. I suppose that’s the blessing and curse of our digital age. The latest for me is Tennessee-based Makeup and Vanity Set or MAVS.

If you appreciate soul-transfixing electro and synthwave, then I urge you to explore their full discography. But the albums “Brigador - Volume 1” and “Brigador - Volume 2” are both phenomenal electronic soundscapes. You don’t need an accompanying sci-fi thriller because they build it in your mind. I’m also quite fond of the vocal track “From A Distance (Theme From Hit TV)” off the HIT TV OST.

Here’s a taste:

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