Space Music: The Black Dog, Heinrich Dressel

Space Music: The Black Dog, Heinrich Dressel
2015's "Neither/Neither" Image via Dust Science records

I believe I've only mentioned The Black Dog in passing here, but the long-running UK electronic act certainly deserves mention here. They've been active a good quarter century at this point, helping to pioneer the sound of 90s IDM and continuously making solid contributions to the darker edges of electronic music.

I have to admit that my exposure to The Black Dog is rather lacking, limited in the past to a handful of mixes. But I'm currently exploring their discography on Spotify, and their latest album is quite enjoyable. Described on their website as "a viral antidote" and "an album of deprogramming material" for an age of total information war, "Neither/Neither" provides an engrossing electronic soundtrack for electronic dystopia. I'm particularly fond of the track "Non Linear Information Lite," which resonates with a strong Brian Eno & "Tomorrow's Harvest" vibe," as well as "MK Ultrabite" which feels like a fitting soundtrack for a futuristic chase sequence through a world lost in its own technology.

The Black Dog currently consists of Ken Downie, Martin Dust and Richard Dust. Downie co-founded the group in 1989 with Andy Turner and Ed Handley, better known these days as Plaid.

Heinrich Dressel

I'd also like to highlight the work of Italian electronic artist Heinrich Dressel (AKA Valerio Lombardozzi), whose work occupies a similar vibe to that of such artists as Pye Corner Audio and The Advisory Circle. Think John Carpenter-inspired synth infused with more ambient sensibilities and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I'm particularly partial to his 2007 album "Mons Testaceum," but you can explore several of his releases via Soundcloud and Spotify.

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