Space Music: 'Telepath' by Boards of Canada

Static. Image via Warp Records

I recently blogged about the microwave auditory effect, which allows us to transmit sounds or even simple words directly into the human skull. It's a voice no one else can hear, except for those in the path of the beam. In conspiracy circles it's often known as V2K or voice-to-skull messaging, though we've yet to see a real-life application for the technology.

It all brings to mind the track "Telepath" off Boards of Canada's incredible 2013 album "Tomorrow's Harvest." It seems the Scottish electronic duo of Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin may have been referencing the microwave auditory effect here as a modulated voice runs through the very sort of short messages likely used in actual experiments.

Here are the words, as provided by bocpages:

0:04 "Testing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, (nine), ten. (oops) Up and down, quite a thing." (background) six, six, nine. 0:20: (Second voice) "On repeat. Give me a count." (also sounds like "you can't") 0:23 "The stuff that they know, the one on the right and then turn it up, while I'm counting. One... three, four, fi-ive, six, seven, eight, ni- (garbled)" 0:43: (Second voice) "It's too loud." (Pitched down) "Plaid." 0:45 "Well, this is quite pleasant. Let's play it back and see what it sounds like." (Second and third voice) "Could I get the one voice?", "Nervous!", "Don't be nervous." "One, two, three, four, fi-ive, six, six, seven."

Interesting.... Now let's hear the track itself:

The entire album is fabulous -- easily one of my all-time favorites. Buy it here.

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