Space Music: Andy Stott, Time Zero

'Time Zero' by Innerspace Innerspace

I love music that transports me through dark spaces – especially if the twists and turns through these shadowy worlds are wholly unique, challenging my preconceived notions of what the realm even consists of.

That, in essence, is the music of Manchester-based artist Andy Stott. He combines elements of dark ambient, dark techno and industrial music to create some wonderfully immersive and even ethereal jaunts through the underworld. Here’s the first track I want to feature: “Cracked” off his 2011 release “We Stay Together.”

For an example of his more techno-flavored tracks, I highly recommend “Luxury Problems” off his 2012 release of the same name:

Absolutely beautiful stuff – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Explore his full discography on Spotify or wherever you get your digital music.

Time Zero

I always love it when STBYM listeners or readers share their own music with me (you can too at blowthemind at and this recently happened with the music of Innerspace. Their 2018 release “Time Zero” delivers three tracks of escalating ambient beauty, beginning with “Singularity:Inflation,” progressing through the more beat-driven “Simmetry Breaking” and cumulating in “Expansion: Valis.” Have a listen below, but I highly recommend the full three-track release for the complete cosmic journey.

You can listen to “Time Zero” on Bandcamp, Spotify or whevereveryou get your music.

Space Music is a continuous exploration of our expanding cosmos of sound, with an emphasis on electronic music. Sample a little of everything from past posts at the Space Music Sampler playlist on Spotify.

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