Space Music: Space Dimension Controller

Space Music: Space Dimension Controller
Space Dimension Controller Ninja Tune

Space Dimension Controller (AKA Jack Hamill) has given us such a lovely dose of space music in "Orange Melamine." It's an album full of light synth elegance, glitching drum beats and cascades of VHS-era electronic dream. You know, so it's pretty much my jam. Here's a taste:

The album's out now on Ninja Tune, and SDC has kindly provided us with a list of all the places you can purchase and/or stream the album.

Dive one album deeper, however, and you'll get to Space Dimension Controller's 2013 release "Welcome To Mikrosector-50," which offers a funkier, early hip-hop vibe atop the electronic sensibilities. The concept album scores the nonexistent cinematic adventures of time traveler and funk cadet Mr. 8040. Think "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" except with lighter, funkier sensibilities. Score a copy from your favorite digital dealer -- or stream it on Spotify.

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