Space Music: Pye Corner Audio's 'Prowler'

'Prowler' video. More Than Human Records

Is it too soon for another dose of "Space Music?" I think not, because Pye Corner Audio ((AKA Martin Jenkins) has a new LP scheduled to drop this Friday on More Than Human Records.

Titled "Prowler," it's a seven-track journey through the Head Technician's signature sonic landscape -- a retro-synth realm of mist and mystery, creeping dread and supernatural intrigue. Or, to repeat a line from More Than Human's press materials, "creeping beats & woozy pulses for the haunted disco." I think that's pretty apt.

I had a chance to preview the album today and it delivered on all my expectations set by PCA's previous releases and mixes. "Decade Counter," featured below, boasts a satisfying ethereal and spacey quality. While most of the other tracks skew slightly darker, it's still a great example of what to expect from the album as a whole:

More Than Human also produced a short film around the title track, using its building tension and mystery as an effective counterpart to a visual tale of doppelgängers and woodland murder. It's exactly the sort of scenario one imagines whilst listening to Pye Corner Audio: danger, mystery and hallucination in a place where the sun never quite shines.

I highly recommend the release. Vinyl enthusiasts can grab a copy this Friday, while the digital release hits December 11. Until then, explore the sounds of PCM at his Bandcamp site, Soundcloud page or Spotify profile.

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