Space Music: The Outer Church

Today's helping of space music echos to us from the darkest reaches of inner and outer space, the sort of music that bleeds through the walls during a occult seance or resonates through an alien artifact from the blackest reaches of the cosmos.

I'm talking the stuff of kosmische musik, dark ambient, goth-industrial, retro synth and psychotronic. Or, in the words of music writer Joseph Stannard, "uncanny music."

Stannard founded The Outer Church in Brighton, England back in 2009 as a sort of psychic center for uncanny music and film projects. Now, through Front & Follow Records, he brings us an epic 28-track compilation of Outer Church artists. Let's hear a few tracks from the album, shall we?

That six-track sampler kicks things off with the synth ambiance of Pye Corner Audio, then some female vocals from Hong Kong in the 60s, followed by discordant IDM from Hacker Farm, Gothic synthpop from Grumpling Fur and finally some dark sounds from Vindicatrix and a slice of uplifting electronics from Anna Meredith.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention the Wyrding Module's contribution to the collection, as Christopher Gladwin's solo project is something of a favorite of mine. Here's the music video for "Thrones of Nitre."

So there you have it. You can learn more about The Outer Church right here, or simply head on over to Amazon where you can pick the whole thing up for a very reasonable price. If you enjoy your music a bit on the uncanny side, then this one belongs in your collection.

About the Author: Robert Lamb spent his childhood reading books and staring into the woods — first in Newfoundland, Canada and then in rural Tennessee. There was also a long stretch in which he was terrified of alien abduction. He earned a degree in creative writing. He taught high school and then attended journalism school. He wrote for the smallest of small-town newspapers before finally becoming a full-time science writer and podcaster. He’s currently a senior writer at HowStuffWorks and has co-hosted the science podcast Stuff to Blow Your Mind since its inception in 2010. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Bonnie, discussing dinosaurs with his son Bastian and crafting the occasional work of fiction.