Space Music: O is for Orange, Sinoia Caves, Vapor

A rather orange moment from "Beyond the Black Rainbow."

I have some excellent spacey musical selections for you today. First up, we have a brand new mix from DJ Food titled "O is for Orange." In the wake of Boards of Canada's new release "Tomorrow's Harvest," Food presents an hour of BoC's work and inspirations, along with material from their contemporaries and those they inspired.

You'll discover some great tracks in here, including The Books' "Group Autogenics I," which I find myself listening to again and again as a form of meditation-on-the-go.

And if you're game for some visual engagement as well, Food also created an excellent, psychedelic AV mix full of "experimental animation, public information shorts and even the odd official video."

At risk of piggybacking too much on Food's work, the next selection comes to me from one of his recent blog posts. If you remember my review of "Beyond the Black Rainbow," you might recall how much I loved the audio/visual experience of the film. The film's synthtastic score was the work of Jeremy Schmidt AKA Sinoia Caves.

While a "Black Rainbow" soundtrack continues to elude us, his 2006 album "The Enchanter Persuaded" is well worth seeking out for a haunting analog journey through some forgotten 1970s film about Satanic ritual and space exploration. You can grab the album on Amazon, or download the track "Naro Way" for free right here.

And finally, PK of King Deluxe Records recently turned me on to the work of Japanese electronic artist Yosi Horikawa. His album "Vapor" is a rhythmic, ambient soundscape that manages to dive in and out of mucky, bleepy IDM goodness and organic flourishes such as falling raindrops and bird song. You can pick the album up over at Yosi's BandCamp page, but let's listen to a little first...

In a weird streak of luck, one of Yosi's tracks pops up in Food's "Orange" mix. Full circle!

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