Space Music: Michael Red, The 2999 Project, Tycho

Exoplanet on the verge. Art by Maxim "Maximyz" Kozlov

It's time for more Space Music, and once more we look to The 2999 Project, an ongoing initiative from King Deluxe records to present dreams of a dawning 31st century through music, art and the written word.

The above image comes form the mind of Maxim "Maximyz" Kozlov, and the accompanying music is the work of Canada's Michael Red. Let's have a listen...

I think "Harpoon" might be my favorite 2999 track released thus far, combining -- in my mind -- this older sense of the ethereal with the biochemical beating of a far-future heart.

The textual vision for this entry comes from Bevan Bartlett. Let's have a taste...

"On the world called Harpoon, once famous for its warm subterranean oceans and titanic oilfish, the abandoned colonists eke out a living amid the ruins of their overconfidence. The bigger fish having long been wiped out, the massive empty refineries now simply stand as a warning: take only what you need."

Finally, I'm a big fan of Tycho (Scott Hansen). so of course his latest album "Awake" is on heavy rotation in my house. Those dreamy, nostalgic vibes really really do wonders after a long morning of video shoots or a weekend of toddler wrangling. Anyway, Scott has a video out for one of the new tracks, so I thought I'd share it here:

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