Space Music: John Carpenter, Aphex Twin, Tycho

(Image via Sacred Bones Records)

I'm excited about this one, ladies and gents.

Like a lot of you out there, I'm a big John Carpenter fan. The man's iconic movies helped shape my imagination and I still dip back into the vault for regular re-viewings. But Carpenter's music probably factor into my day-to-day more than anything, as tracks from his syth scores continually pop up in mixes, as well as in the musical DNA of contemporary artists I enjoy.

I recently listened to a 2011 Shock Till You Drop interview with Carpenter and was disappointed to hear that despite his interest in scoring other directors' films, no one had seriously taken him up on it. Combined with his reluctance to score his own projects again, I wondered if we'd ever hear any new music from the man.

Luck for us, Carpenter will release his first non-soundtrack album "Lost Themes" through Sacred Bones Records in February 2015. Here's the first released track from the album, "Vortex," which certainly delivers a signature John Carpenter vibe, full of pulsing synth and ominous build. You can also enjoy the track set to scenes from such films as "The Thing" and "Escape from New York" on the Sacred Bones Website.

Aphex Twin Interview

Up next, I've already blogged about Aphex Twin's latest album "Syro," but our podcast producer Noel just shared an excellent Noyzelab article with me. It's essentially a sprawling interview with Richard D. James and it provides some fascinating insight his creative process, motivations and gear, gear, gear! For instance, here's a bit from the interview where James discusses his recording set up in the former bank he once called home:

"in my old bank, it was on the first floor, sometimes buses would stop outside my house and i would be staring at people through the window really close, my mate ian said he saw me once in the studio from the bus! I had several rooms mic'd up as reverbs from there and did whole tracks by just feeding rooms into other rooms via delays and frequency shifters, monitors and mic's, still to be released."

I love that. It makes it sound like the man built a crazy IDM haunted house. Give it a read if you're an Aphex Twin fan.

Black Sunrise

Finally, I'm a big fan of Tycho's music and he's put out two-hour sunrise mix from this year's Burning Man. It's well worth the listen if you need to escape into a soothing soundscape for a while:

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