Space Music: ?ICASEA Select 031, Moons of Saturn

A painting of NASA's Voyager 1 passing behind the rings of Saturn, 1977. NASA/Hulton Archive/Getty

In our podcast episode "Saturn's Brood: Beyond the Outer Ring," we mention a fabulous space music mix featuring fantastic retro-documentary narration about the Saturnian moons. As promised, I share it with you now. It's a 2012 mix from UK artists S>>D and GF1, featured as ?ICASEA SELECT 031 on the ?ICASEA Records podcast. The narration sets the tone for ambient, spacey wonders and then the rest of the mix takes us through the sounds of X-102, Gescom, Unit 93, Goblin, John Carpenter and more.

You'll find the original landing page for the mix right here, but it's the file itself has sadly vanished. I've taken the liberty of temporarily hosting it on my own Soundcloud page below, so do give it a listen and/or a download -- and be sure to explore the vaults of ?ICASEA. There's still plenty of active content on the site, including the work of Wyrding Module.

And if you can place the source of that intro sample, let me know!

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