Space Music: Himuro Yoshiteru, 'It Follows'

Fushigi Man! Courtesy King Deluxe Records

I've featured the music of Himuro Yoshiteru here on Space Music before, so you might remember his distinctly organic take on electronic music. His tracks always feels like a walk through an alien forest -- one in which odd bits of flora and fauna keep crawling up to communicate with you. Their language system may have evolved along an entirely different track, but you still pick up exactly what they're laying down.

Yoshiteru's latest release is "Fushigi Man EP," a four-track selection from King Deluxe Records scheduled to drop next week. I just gave the EP an early listen and I have to say it's a delightful journey though the aforementioned alien woods. I'm especially fond of "Bootprint" and the title track, the later of which titters and crackles around a soothing melody -- the voice of some familiar-yet-alien creature from another world.

UPDATE: You'll "Fushigi Man EP" over at Bandcamp (or your prefered digital music store), and you Spotify users can stream the EP right here. Here's the first track off the release:

'It Follows' by Disasterpeace

Finally, I'm late to the party, but I finally got around to viewing the 2015 indie horror film "It Follows." As you've probably heard, the film is an innovative and effective shot of originality to the horror genre. I thought the teenage characters felt like real characters rather than your typical sacrificial starlets, plus the film resonates with a strong sense of dreamlike timelessness. The unsettling mixture of antiquated and nonexistent technologies really helped to sequester me in a place of vulnerable apprehension. The film also benefited from an excellent electronic score by Richard Vreeland (AKA Disasterpeace), which delivered a nostalgia-laced feeling of creeping dread. Here's a taste, plus you can stream the entire OST on Spotify and buy it directly from the artist on Bandcamp.

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