Space Music: Halloween Sounds of Note

'The Round of the Sabbath or Witches' Sabbath' (detail) Wikimedia Commons

Between a full month of STBYM Halloween episodes and TWO new podcasts set to launch, I haven't had as much time for musical blogging here. But, the day after Halloween, how can I not throw together a quick post on two of the more haunting listening experiences to pop up in the last 24 hours?

First up, I'm a long time fan of The Wyrding Module, a haunting and otherworldly music project from UK paramusician Christopher Gladwin. Last night, he dropped his latest pandimensional soundscape on us: "Nine Dimensional Synod Of Oblique Pleasures."

I know I'll be listening to this one a lot over the next couple of months, but the four-track release is already blistering my mind with its unique blend of electronic occult ambience. Each track is its own odyssey of dark delights. There's simply no one else making music quite like this. Let's have a listen:

But yesterday we were twice-blessed! Internet radio station SomaFM has long provided their own soundtrack from Hell in the form of their DOOMED radio station -- which focuses on dark, industrial music. But yesterday, they also gave us "SomaFM Presents: Halloween 2018 Alien SciFi Ambience." It's more than four hours of dark ambient music from the site of a wrecked alien space ship, curated by Haaj. It made for some perfect background music yesterday:

I'm sure there were some other great Halloween releases that I missed, but these were more than enough to satisfy me for the year.

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