Space Music: Halloween Sounds 2017

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It's Halloween once more, so I'd like to once more provide a few seasonal listening suggestions. I still stand by The Wyrding Module, Dr. Rubberfunk and DJ BobaFatt for (respectively) uncanny, funky and intentionally cheesy mixes. But it's a new year, so let's highlight some new sounds.

First up, let's consider a new Halloween mix from the legendary DJ Food.

Death Waltz Recording Company is a gold mine of vintage horror movie OSTs and previous years have given us a wealth of Halloween mixes with DJ BobaFatt (see above). This year, they teamed up with DJ Food to deliver an incredible selection of both released and unreleased material from the Death Waltz Originals label. Food also throws in samples from an interview with his friend Steve Cook about his childhood in a haunted house.

Halloween Hip-Hop

Next, FACT Magazine pumps out a lot of great mixes -- and last year I managed to miss their FACT Focus hip-hop Halloween mix. DJ John Twells took a selection of rap tracks from the likes of Dr. Dre and Cannibal Ox and combined them with classic horror movie soundtracks. It's all quite unedited, but the results are fabulous if you want some heavier beats with your slasher sounds this year:

Joe's 2017 Halloween Soundtrack

Finally, if you tuned into Friday's Halloween episode of STBYM Trailer Talk, then you might have heard my co-host Joe McCormick tout his own Halloween mix skills. I asked him if he'd share some of this with us and he was kind enough to do so.

"The soundtrack to my ultimate killer robot mummy giallo movie," Joe says, "Encompassing strong themes of monsters, mischief, death drive, 80s knife-pop, cool beast grooves and hot riffy garbage. Time to dance with your favorite freaks while you figure out which necromantic rituals to stipulate in your will."

Listen below, or open it up and follow in Spotify.

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