Space Music: Gazelle Twin, Roly Porter

Space Music: Gazelle Twin, Roly Porter
"Out of Body" Image via Gazelle Twin

Let's kick off the week with some Space Music, checking in on the latest from two past favorites.

Gazelle Twin has a new release out in the form of "Out of Body," a kind of darker, ambient extension of her excellent 2014 album "Unflesh." While her previous album had the the feel of an upbeat entry into dystopian black-market flesh lab, this is the music of your indefinite entrapment within the lab's maze-like heart. There's a wonderful Nurse With Wound vibe to the whole venture. Twin created the soundscape as an original soundtrack the short film and live performance collaboration "Out Of Body" with British animator and filmmaker Carla MacKinnon. Here's the trailer:

You can grab "Out of Body" at the Gazelle Twin Bandcamp page, stream it on Spotify or wherever you buy your digitals these days. The release also features the industrial-pop single "Antibody" from the previous release. Let's relive that track and the accompanying music video:

Finally, if you enjoyed Roly Porter's "Dune" inspired music on our Science of Dune episodes, then I highly recommend you check out his Solid Steel mix from last week. It's a wonderful, deep ambient tech journey though the stellar void -- perfect for your entry into cryosleep.

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