Space Music: Ecstatic Sole, Ataraxia

Ecstatic Sole Mouton Noir Records / Believe Digital

It's a very busy week here at STBYM, but I always try to save room for some nutritious Space Music.

First up, French electronic duo Christine just released their new EP "Ecstatic Sole" and it's an invigorating electro release consisting of four driving, searing tracks that invoke 80s synth, house and a little hip hop. Let's have a listen. I'm partial to "Man Machine" and "Sauvage." They feature a host of cool tracks and mixes on their Soundcloud page, as well as their Bandcamp page. Check 'em out.

Next, I recently blogged about the brilliant work of 1970s synth master Mort Garson, whose work is regrettably hard to come by through legitimate means. Ah, but now there is hope! DJ Food informed me that Garson's masterful 1975 Ataraxia album "The Unexplained: Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult" is slated for re-release on August 1. You'll find a listing for it over at Transmission Records for preorder.

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