Space Music: 'Dynamics' by Distance, Turbo Killer I & II

The dark world of 'Turbo Killer.' Image via Carpenter Brut/Seth Ickerman
The dark world of 'Turbo Killer.' Image via Carpenter Brut/Seth Ickerman

I feel like dubstep still has an unfair reputation with many music listeners, particularly in the states. Not to say that I don't occasionally enjoy the nerve-blasting sounds of the more well-known dubstep artists from time to time, but my introduction to the genre came in the form of the darker, grimier and more ambient dubstep artists featured on Mary Anne Hobbs' "Experimental" BBC Radio 1 in the mid 2000s.

Distance (AKA Greg Sanders) remains one of my favorite musicians from this crop of artists, especially his 2008 album "Repercussions," which includes such wonderful tracks as the dreamlike "Loosen my Grip" and the Roy Batty-themed "Radical."

Now, eight years later, Distance has a follow-up album in the form of "Dynamics." He remains true to his original sound, but most of the tracks explore more experimental IDM and territory this time around -- such as the biomechanical darkness of "Paradigm" and "Fear Change." If you crave something searing, unsettling -- metallic sounds coated in the biofilm of musical dread -- then "Dynamics" is worth a listen. Here's a taste:

You can stream the new album on Spotify and other related sites, or wherever you buy your music these days.

Turbo Killer I & II

I've covered the sounds of French electronic artist Carpenter Brut in the past, but somehow missed out on the excellent "Turbo Killer" music video that he created in collaboration with director Seth Ickerman. Just as Brut's music is a high-energy sythnwave infusion of retro horror electronica, the video delivers as VHS-quality fever dream full of space vixens, assassins, car chases, haunted cities and a bizarre cruciform starship. It's absolutely gorgeous, invoking memories of 1985's "Lifeforce." Let's watch:

I'm delighted to see that Brut and Ickerman have a Kickstarter campaign for "Blood Machines: Turbo Killer II," which aims to surpass the first installment with at least a 30-minute run time. Check out the Kickstarter page, because they have loads of production art and details on the plot, setting and characters. We're talking blade runners, ghosts and space ships that feel like they've flown right out of an Alejandro Jodorowsky comic.

Naturally, you can stream the sounds of Carpenter Brut on Spotify or the electronic music dealer of your choice.

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