Space Music: Shuffle Drones, Steve Roach Live

Shuffle Drones. Image via Eluvium

It's been a busy couple of months aboard the STBYM Mother Ship here, so I haven't had as much time to share cool cosmic audio. I'll keep this one brief, but here are a couple of selections worth streaming.

Up first, Matthew Cooper has released several soothing ambient albums over the years under his Eluvium moniker. We even highlighted some of his music in "Ambient Music Can Calm the Psychic Maelstrom. Here's How." But his latest release "Shuffle Drones" hinges on an ingenious premise: It's designed to play on shuffle. Forever. Here's a taste:

That's right, you can play the 23 tracks in any order and KEEP playing them indefinitely. It all flows together in a seamless tapestry of sound. Here's what Cooper has to say about it:

"Shuffle Drones is simultaneously intended for and in disruption of modern listening habits. In an era in which the way we listen can profoundly impact both what and how we listen, Shuffle Drones offers a unique and ever-changing path to listen."
- Matthew Cooper

Give it a listen. Embrace the randomness. You can stream the album on Spotify, buy it at Bandcamp or get it wherever you buy your digital music.

Steve Roach Live on SomaFM

Up next -- and I do mean "next" if you're reading this the day of publication -- I have to mention some happenings at SomaFM. If you're not familiar with the website, it's the long-running, listener-supported internet radio hub for eclectic listening. I'm a big fan of their channels "Space Station Soma," "Groove Salad" and "Illinois Street Lounge" -- but they host dedicated channels for everything from industrial and death metal to Celtic and cowboy music.

This week, SomaFM will stream ambient electronic legend Steve Roach's LIVE concert series from Solar Culture's Galactic Center in Tucson. Here are the details:

"February 9 on Drone Zone, Feb 10th & 11th on Space Station Soma starting at 8pm MST (7pm PST, 10PM EST, 3:00 AM GMT the following day). Extended live coverage will start at least an hour beforehand on SomaFM Live special events channel. 30-Jan-2018."
- SomaFM

If you're not familiar with Roach, then I highly recommend you check out his deep discography of electronic space music. I'm currently streaming "The Skeleton Collection: 2005-2015" and it's pushing all the right buttons for me.

The live concert should help you make it through your week. By the way, I interviewed SomaFM creator Rusty Hodge several years back. You can find that interview right here.

Space Music is a continuous exploration of our expanding cosmos of sound, with an emphasis on electronic music. Sample a little of everything from past posts at the Space Music Sampler playlist on Spotify.

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