Space Music: DJ Food's 'Future Shock 2'

I took a little break from blogging there for a few weeks, so I'm still catching up on amazing space music. Here's a big one: Last month DJ Food released his followup to last year's "Future Shock" mix. The previous mix was an enthralling journey through retro electronic vibes and anxiety over a rapidly approaching, technologically-overpowering future. There were even a few Orson Wells samples from the 1972 film "Future Shock."

The new entry in the series delivers the same fabulous atmosphere, perhaps even upping the ante a bit. The retro ambient vibe is still strong with tracks from the likes of The Advisory Circle, Sinoia Caves, Edgar Froese and even a snippet from the "Flash Gordon" soundtrack by Queen and composer Howard Blake. But the mix also hits hard with some heavy hip-hop inclusions.

So if you loved the first "Future Shock" mix, or just appreciate a great sci-fi sonic landscape, do give this mix a listen.

EDIT: You can use the embedded SoundCloud version below, but I also recommend checking out the mix on the newly-redesigned Solid Steel website. The interface is really slick and makes exploring past episodes a breeze.

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