Space Music: DJ Food, Christine, Black Channels

Welcome to Arrakis... Imagery via Ambigraph

Let's have a little Space Music, shall we? First up, I've been rediscovering my love for Frank Herbert's "Dune" saga this fall, yet somehow I missed this fabulous AV mix from musician DJ Food. The visuals were supplied by graphic designer Ambigraph, who illustrates Food's mix with a splendid array of space-folding geometric patterns and classic illustrations.

The soundscape itself is a wonderful mix of tracks from David Lynch's "Dune," "Jodorowsky's Dune" and a few different Dune-inspired concept albums. So you'll hear selections from Toto's film score, Brian Eno's "Prophecy Theme" and the vision-inducing majesty of Bernard Szajner's "Visions of Dune." Plus, there's some material here I'd never heard before -- such as Dune-inspired work from Klaus Schulze, Richard Pinhas and David Matthews. Drop some melange and dive in:

EDIT: The video seems to be down on Vimeo, but you can still find it on

EDIT 2: YouTube version added.

Two Knocks for Yes

As long as I'm mentioning DJ Food, I'll reiterate that the man's blog is an excellent source for spacey music, retrofuturism, sci-fi, comics and design. In a recent post spotlighting new music, he shared this incredibly haunting mix from Black Channels. Titled "Two knocks for Yes," it's a deliciously uncanny mix of ambient electronic sounds and creepy British ghost investigation recordings. I wish I'd noted this in time for my recent post on Halloween mixes. Here it goes:

Brand New Furies

Finally, French electronic duo Christine just released a new EP titled "Brand New Furies" and it's a fun sampler of high-energy remixes and new material.

On the remix front, they take their own spin on John Carpenter's "Escape from New York" theme and Goblin's "Profondo Rosso." The other two tracks deliver a hip-hop-infused dose of glitch and bass, though the vintage DNA of classic synth remains. I enjoyed the heck out of their previous release, but I'm really loving this one:

"Brand New Furies" drops TODAY and you can stream it on Spotify or find it at your favorite digital music store (such as iTunes). You can also explore their work Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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