Space Music: Dark Jovian, Mort Garson, K. Deluxe

Space Sounds coming at you. Image via King Deluxe

Last week I blogged about the promise of Amon Tobin's "Dark Jovian" and today I can say that it delivers. Tobin's aim was to capture "a sense of scale, like moving towards impossibly giant objects until they occupy your whole field of vision" and the EP does a fantastic job of relaying this cinematic experience directly to the listener's mind. Emotionally-tinged melodies provide a human guideline through the cosmic chill of a sonic universe defined by distance, distortion and multiple wavelengths both visible and invisible to the terrestrial space traveler. You can now grab a digital copy just about anywhere, and you can also stream it from Spotify.

The Uncanny Sounds of Mort Garson

I'm a big fan of uncanny music as well as all the spacy stuff, so I've been thrilled to discover the work of Canadian syth master Mort Garson (1924-2008). The man's music presents a curious selection of accomplishments, from co-writing the mainstream R&B hit "Our Day Will Come" to his spacey, psychedelic, new age and outright occult electronic projects of the late 1960s and 1970s.

Sadly, most of these releases are hard to come by in either physical or digital form, but this is music worth going out of your way for.* I'm especially fond of his darker albums "Black Mass" (released under the moniker Lucifer) and "The Unexplained" (released under the moniker Ataraxia). While the music should please anyone seeking occult-fueled 70s synth, the thematic elements almost do the music an injustice. Just consider the "Black Mass" track "Exorcism," which brings to mind such future electronic standouts as Siona Caves and Boards of Canada. But I'll let you judge for yourself. Listen to "Black Mass" and "The Unexplained" right here:

King Deluxe: Year 4

Finally, Canadian-based record label King Deluxe is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a 7-track EP featuring such electronic artists as Himuro Yoshiteru and Alphabets Heaven. Right now the release is available for pre-order. Here's a delightfully robotic track from Muto that should perk your interest:

* I think the Egg City Radio blog may have some downloads if you search around enough.

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