Space Music: ‘Iteration’ by Com Truise

The Com Truise saga continues... Image courtesy Ghostly Records

I listen to a lot of synthwave, and it’s easy for even a highly talented artist to vanish into the sonic foliage. Com Truise (AKA Seth Haley) has always stood out, however, achieving a signature IDM-influenced synth sound that delivers musical nostalgia within a time-release capsule of futurism. I can think of any number of electronic artists that stake their sound in either past or future, but Com Truise always induces a state of delightful category confusion.

His latest album “Iteration” continues the sci-fi themes established in 2011’s ‘Galactic Melt’ -- and I don’t just mean the overall sci-fi vibe of the Com Truise sound. No, there’s a narrative background radiation to Haley’s musical universe. He states that the character Com Truise is Earth’s first synthetic astronaut, and the music chronicles his contact and subsequent conflict with an off-world colony known as Wave 1.

I’m always delighted to hear about the fictional narratives that inform an artist’s music, especially as their music often goes on to inspire my own fictional endeavors. With the Com Truise project, Haley is essentially writing a score for a nonexistent film -- a practice utilized most famously by Brain Eno in his “Music For Films” albums.

“Iteration” is incredible -- an album of electronic splendor that causes beloved past and distant future to bleed together, casting life in an entirely new hue. You can buy it on Bandcamp, stream it on Spotify or wherever you obtain your digital music.

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