Space Music: Andromeda, Beats in Space, PCA

The Spiral... Pye Corner Audio

I've been enjoying a few different releases this week worthy of Space Music consideration, the first being the latest EP from Alessandro Parisi. The Italian musician and producer specializes in "retro-futurist soundtrack re-imaginings," which is to say he creates unique and original electronic scores that resonate with the same haunting and foreboding energy. I've covered his work here before and frequently dip back into his work.

Parisi's EP "Andromeda" (released on Slow Motion Records) takes an even spacier turn than usual, invoking cosmic themes with the tracks "Contact," "Space Marine," "Dimensional Wave Impulse" and "The Cosmic Track." As the album art would suggest, however, none of this is without a firm grounding in the sort of occult, VHS-era synth sensibilities that permeate his work. You can currently stream the EP on Spotify and over at PBvinyl. Sadly, there's nothing I can embed here.

'The Spiral' by Pye Corner Audio

In a similar vein, I continually come back top the driving, ethereal electronic sounds of Martin Jenkins's Pye Corner Audio. It also helps that the Head Technician continues to bust out new releases, such as his latest EP "The Spiral." The work is darkly atmospheric and nostalgic, tugging at the listener's psyche like tendrils creeping through from some dark-yet-calm 80s BBC Narnia. You can grab a physical copy of "The Spiral" over at Mondo, or buy a digital version via BandCamp.

Beats in Space: Antoni Maiovvi

Finally, it's fitting that Antoni Maiovvi, co-founder of the excellent Giallo Disco records, has a wonderful mix out on WNYU 89's Beats in Space Radio Show. The Itallian disco-inspired Brit unleashes a delightful hour of pulsating disco, house and synth -- including several releases from the Fiallo Disco label. Have a listen, and be sure to explore other Beats in Space mixes. It's a great show.

Space Music is a continuous exploration of our expanding cosmos of sound, with an emphasis on electronic music. Sample a little of everything from past posts at the Space Music Sampler playlist on Spotify.

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