Space Music: Advisory Circle, Shea Micro

Music for a cosmic voyage. Image via Shea Micro

When entering into a new year, it behooves to imbue new doses of space music. Let's dose up.

First up, I've been hearing about UK-based The Advisory Circle for years, but only gave them a proper listen recently. The latest album is titled From Out Here and it's a delightful sonic excursion through corridors of dreamy synthscapes and hauntological fragments of another world. So far, my personal favorite is the track "Vibrations and Waves," which really takes my mind into the sci-fi frontier:

I highly recommend picking this one up if you're into retro synth and uncanny music. Here are some samples from the new album:

Lune Panthére by Shea Micro

Up next is a "love-letter to the cosmos, that vast, uncharted frontier our little world so often forgets about" by New York's' Shea Micro (AKA Shea Bartel). Shea gives us five tracks of pure ambient space music, each one reverberating with a mixture of the mechanical and the ethereal, synching perfectly with the mind's eye vision of cosmic exploration. Plus there's even a hint of gnostic mysticism as you travel from the Bay of Abraxas and beyond the reaches of the Dawn Fleet. Give it a listen:

You can pick up Lune Panthére on the Shea Micro Bandcamp page -- and 50 percent of the album sales go to, an organization dedicated to saving the environment with music.

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