'Satan's Footprints' Discovered in the UK

Not to alarm any readers out there in the U.K., but according to a recent Telegraph article, there's a chance Satan may have walked through your backyard earlier this month. On March 5, 2009, a woman in Devon woke to find the bipedal cloven hoof marks in the snow. Check out the video from CFZTV to see actual footage. According to local legend, a very similar set of tracks appeared in the snow 150 years ago, in an incident known as "the devil's footprints."

The February 1855 incident reportedly involved a 100-mile (160-kilometer) stretch of tracks, which even crossed 14-foot (4-meter) walls. While the devil explanation certainly captured the popular imagination, skeptics aplenty attributed the tracks to everything from electrical disturbances to runaway kangaroos and a rope-trailing hot air balloon. The cloven appearance, in turn, could have been due to a freeze-thaw action.

Biologists are currently stewing over this latest hoofing incident. So far, theories are leaning more toward the perpetrator being a rabbit rather than the infernal lord of the damned.

So where do you place the blame? Is this the work of an erratic hare, a cryptozoological mystery or perhaps a few local pranksters who've tired of making crop circles?

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