Retrofuturist Flashback: Electric Car of Tomorrow

Drive into the future. © PoodlesRock/Corbis

Whenever we dive into yesterday's visions of tomorrow, we inevitably run headlong into the depressing fantasy of flying automobiles and personal jet packs -- all of it with a delivery date of 1994. Other times, however, they kind of nail it.

Just gaze into this calming vision of a sapphire-hued road of the future. It stems from a 1950s advertisement, featuring an 'electronic car of tomorrow' driving through the city with a glowing guidance display. Take away the crazy steering wheel and you're not far off from the dashboard of a modern Toyota Prius with its LCD screen.

But what about that crazy super bus on the right? Oh how I'd love to see one of those on the not-so-futuristic roads of the 21st century.

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