Retorfuturist Fashback: Mecha 1960

Even dead trees cannot withstand it! Gamma-Keystone/Getty Images

How did the people of the 1960s propose to move dead trees and fight off villainous kaiju?

Why with a mech suit or mecha of course! See, the times haven't changed all that much.

Here we see an image from 1960 of "a giant robot maneuvered by a human driver ... currently being planned by the US Army." According to GE Reports, General Electric developed this and other designs for the U.S. Army, who wanted a walking vehicle capable of navigating rough, steep terrain.

This end product was the 1965 Cybernetic Anthropmorophous Machine (CAM), a sort of walking truck. The following test footage shows you just what it was capable of:

While walking vehicles remain a future vision to this day, CAM technology did work its way into various underwater uses, such as the GE-designed hydraulic arms for the world's first aluminum submarine, the Aluminaut.

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