Monster Science with Dr. Anton Jessup: Series III

The doctor is in! Photo by Tyler Klang

Another series of Monster Science episodes has come to a close! Series I and Series II are both archived, and now you can binge on all four new episodes (plus the full Noxoddamil commercial) below.

The good doctor...

I'd also like to pause and recognize all the people who helped bring this series together. First and foremost, our video producer Tyler Klang is very much my creative partner in this endeavor and goes above and beyond to bring this insane little idea to life. Thanks to History Stuff's Holly Frey for the ghoulish makeup and script assistance. Thanks to Lauren Vogelbaum for her Noxoddamil VO work (and past ghost services). Thanks to E.C. Steiner for prop assistance and SYSK's Chuck Bryant for a howlingly great cameo.

And in the meantime, there's always the Monster of the Week blog series and the all-mighty Monster Gallery. If you want more Monster Science, be sure to let us know. You can leave your monster suggestions below or simply e-mail us at blowthemind at howstuffworks dot com. Anton Jessup shall return...

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