Mind-Blowing Video: Microcosmos, Fashion Tumors and More

This installment of Mind-Blowing Video is going to be all over the place, so BEAR WITH ME and for Carl's sake don't play them all at once. First up, let's hit the trailer for the best nature documentary you probably never saw. Why? Because when France's 1999 film "Microcosmos" traveled to the US, distributes went with this horrible promotion art instead of the original. Hey, "A Bug's Life" was doing big business, so why WOULDN'T you repackage the film with a cheesy shot of a mantis in shades? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76R2EKEnoJQ]

As you can see from the trailer, the film has more in common with the likes of "Baraka" than anything we've seen from Pixar. While the insects of "Microcosmos" do sometimes tickle the cute centers of our brain, we're mostly in awe -- if not a little grossed or terrified a time or two. Yeah, I'm looking at YOU, sex snails. Through the fingers covering my eyes. Plus, I have to say I was more invested in the dung beetle scene than anything else I've seen on the big screen this year. Netflix users can currently stream the film right here.

But now that we've hit the purely scientific, let's fly off the rails into more fantastic territory. First up, here's a little something I found on the most excellent Coilhouse blog. They typically deal in wonderfully bizarre art, fashion and videos .Toch Studio's opening titles for MadInSpain, an annual design conference in Madrid, conveys to 2011 theme of madness quite nicely:

What's going on there? Tumor fashions in the age of gonzo genetic enhancements? Or perhaps this demonstrates a symbiotic relationship between a future human and an alien life form from a gas giant. Let's gain a little more insight from an episode of Discovery's "Stephen Hawking's Universe." [hsw-discovery-video id=5b6a6fed0c158ce50ed7cc79b1b87af4930d8fd6 network=dsc width=512]

Finally, I'm going to take a moment to share one of the more mind-blowing non-scientific videos I've found on the Internet. It's called "Between" and it's a short film by Tim Bollinger that tackles the word from a number of different angles. It'll make you think.

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