Is seaweed clothing the future of medicinal fashions?

Kelpie fashions? (MoMo Productions/Riser/Getty)

By all that is holy! What is that green, dripping monstrosity emerging from the seaside muck? Hide the children! Fetch fire and pitchforks!

Oh wait, it's just a local decked out in the latest seaweed-based, skin-healthy fashions. Put down the weapons and let me explain.

According to Scotland's STV website, Highland knitwear crafter Anna Skea has taken to incorporating seaweed in the wood pulp she uses to make fabric. Skea has specialized in creating fashionable coats, tunics, tangles and gloves from local materials for more than 30 years, but her use of seaweed introduces the potential for medicinal clothing items that actually treat rather than irritate afflicted skin. In fact, Skea herself suffers from psoriasis.

I'm not sure I've ever heard of clothing that heals or alleviates pain before. Shopping for clothes is generally more of an exercise in minimizing discomfort, isn't it? And of course based on Skea's website, we're not actually talking about draping naked bodies in kelp or dressing up like tide monsters. You'd never guess this stuff was made from materials that include seaweed.

STV included this video about the health benefits of seaweed. Watch and enjoy charming Scott accents and much contemplation on which mustard goes best with these leafy greens.

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Thanks to Katie Lambert for bringing this to my attention, and crafty Becky & Lori for their two cents!

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