Get Your Science on with Stuff from the Science Lab

Allison Loudermilk

This guy has a cameo in one of very first published podcasts. (Martin Harvey/Getty Images)

There's a new science podcast in town. Ours! Stuff from the Science Lab is live on iTunes, so when you're wandering around looking for spiffy new listens that will discuss things like what you get to eat at the space station, why some people think helium-3 might be the ultimate energy source or why runners and parasites may be getting to know each other better, Robert and I have you covered. Or at least, we will in the future.

Just head over to iTunes -- you're heading there anyway to buy some single that you won't publicly cop to, aren't you? -- plug in "Stuff from the Science Lab" in the search bar or visit the HowStuffWorks room, and you should see it.

On our first two published podcasts, we talk about hypothetical gravity tractors that may someday be tasked with saving the world from nuclear winter, along with other ways to rescue the Earth from near-Earth objects that don't involve Bruce Willis. We also got to delve into gnarly infestations of the vermin sort, like the swarming masses of crimson crustaceans overrunning Christmas Island every November. Robert even got to throw in a story I think he's been dying to use about a rat, a diaper and MARTA.

We also contemplated, among other things, what our optimal infestation would be, if we had to pick one. Neither of us picked ones of the squeaking, skittering insect or rodent variety. As usual, you can also read Robert's articles on asteroid redirection and disgusting infestations, too.

If you've heard it, let us know what you think. Or send us an idea you'd like us to cover.