Futuristic Fashions that Never Came to Fruition


Let's get one thing out of the way: Fashion doesn't have to "get it right." Fashion is art. Fashion looks to the future like a dreamer, not a gambler hedging his bets. The more extreme examples of futuristic fashion serve to guide us, comment on the human condition and make emaciated humanoids look intensely cool instead of just hunger-weakened.

But we can't help but look back at our fashionable visions of the world to come. We can't help but wonder why contemporary clothing is so devoid of spikes, space globes and computerized visors. Let's walk the catwalk and see what we're missing out on...

About the Author: Robert Lamb spent his childhood reading books and staring into the woods — first in Newfoundland, Canada and then in rural Tennessee. There was also a long stretch in which he was terrified of alien abduction. He earned a degree in creative writing. He taught high school and then attended journalism school. He wrote for the smallest of small-town newspapers before finally becoming a full-time science writer and podcaster. He’s currently a senior writer at HowStuffWorks and has co-hosted the science podcast Stuff to Blow Your Mind since its inception in 2010. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Bonnie, discussing dinosaurs with his son Bastian and crafting the occasional work of fiction.