Bob Barker Saves Whales with Namesake Ice-crusher

Barker bids $5 million to stop whaling. (Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Bob Barker is best known for his genial, tanned, 35-year-long presence on "The Price is Right." But there's also the tough as nails, fighting Barker of movie cameos -- notably, "Happy Gilmore." This piece of news seems to satisfy both reputations: Barker is helping to stop whaling with a 1,200-ton (1,000-metric-ton), ice-crushing namesake ship.

According to the AP, Barker donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which in turn named its anti-whaling vessel "The Bob Barker" in honor of the game show host. On Tuesday, the high-speed ship had its first encounter with Japanese whalers off of Antarctica. After the mission, Sea Shepherd's founder Paul Watson broadcast from another ship that "Whaling was shut down today."

Barker has of course long been associated with animal rights: His famous closing line on "The Price is Right" was "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." But he only got involved with Sea Shepherd after Watson told him he could shut down the Japanese whaling fleet for $5 million. In the AP piece, Barker recalled having told Watson "I think you do have the skills to do that, and I have $5 million, so let's get it on."

Does that line prove my earlier point or what?