Stuff from the Science Lab Roundup: Blood Spatter and Gene Banks

Noah: "I want this bird taken in for questioning!

A murder has taken place on Noah's Ark and it's up to one curmudgeonly old antediluvian patriarch to solve the crime. There's blood on the poop deck* and a fatally stabbed Pegasus hung from the rigging. All the horned animals are being held for questioning and the unicorns are getting restless. As the world drowns beneath the waves of the Great Flood, can Noah stop the murderer before he or she kills again?

Yes, this week on Stuff from the Science Lab, Allison and myself tackle the mostly unrelated topics of blood spatter analysis and gene banks. That means we get to discuss what blood at a crime scene can tell us -- and what all the string is about on "CSI" and "Dexter." We also discuss how and why we can safeguard an organism's genetic code for the future. You back up important files, right? Well, have you ever thought to back up zebras and aardvarks?

So what are you waiting for? Come for the forensic and genetic science, stay for the discussion of the "Clue" board game and ruminations on the purpose of shooting our genes to the moon.

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* There's also poop on the poop deck. YOU try and teach an elephant to use a chemical toilet.

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