Artificial Noses and the Ravages of Syphilis

The finest replacement noses. Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

As we discuss in our podcast episode "Syphilis Through the Ages," the disfiguring disease forced many Europeans to hide their bald spots and sunken, decaying noses. And so powdered wigs became increasingly popular, as did codpieces, merkins and false noses such as these pictured here.

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Image via Cinemax

The nose to the left is carved from ivory, possibly dating back to the 18th century, while the other is plated metal from the 17th or 18th century.

Of course, you didn't have to contract syphilis to lose your nose back then. Tycho Brahe, for instance, wore a false nose in place of one lost in a duel. Today, you can also suffer saddle nose and other nasal disfigurements due to boxing injuries and cocaine abuse.

And, yes, as the good Mr. Hump demonstrates, you can also lose your nose in a deep fryer accident.

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