Artatomical: The Skeletons of Jean-Marc Laroche

Artatomical: The Skeletons of Jean-Marc Laroche
Jean-Marc Laroche poses beside 'Annie,' 2012.' Didier Messens/WireImage

Copulating skeletons, mechanical cadavers, fantastic knives -- these themes pop up in the work of French sculptor Jean-Marc Laroche fairly frequently.


In summing up his own work, the artist speaks of "eternal life in the hereafter" and a sort of Jules Verne-era bio-mechanical vision of humanity's future.

There's a great deal of memento mori to his work, but with a devilish wink. Death comes to us all, but Laroche focuses on the life of our buried skeletons and the beauty of our amazing skeletal anatomy.

You can explore more of his work at his official website. Oh, and here's Laroche's music box, "Danse Macabre." Static images can't quite sum up his sculpture: