Art Spotlight: Ryckaert's Demons

"The Demons" by David Ryckaert III. Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty

If you've noticed reduced blog content around her lately, that's because I've decided to refocus some of that time and energy towards writing articles for For instance, I just finished up "What's the largest snake that has ever existed?" and I'm currently working on something about demons and sleep paralysis.

That's how I ran across the featured painting here, "The Demons" by David Ryckaert III (1612 - 1661) of the Flemish Ryckaert family of artists. Or at least Getty Images identifies it by that title. I've also seen it referenced as "The Dance of the Leprechauns" (La Ronde des farfadets), though the creatures certainly appear surrealistically demonic. If they're indeed leprechauns, then they've more in keeping with the dangerous spirit folk of Irish mythology rather than anything you'll find on a Saint Patrick's Day drink coaster.

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