Slice into 'A Natural History of the Fantastic'

Slice into 'A Natural History of the Fantastic'
Monsterous anatomies. Art by by Christopher Stoll

If you follow my Monster of the Week blogs (and the Monster Science video series), then you know I'm all about that place where fictional monsters collide with scientific reality. So I definitely wanted to spotlight a Kickstarter project that lives there too.

(Art by by Christopher Stoll)

Artist Christopher Stoll 's "A Natural History of the Fantastic" promises to serve as "an anatomical guide to mythical beasts- fully illustrated and accompanied by a rich collection of tales and recorded encounters. "

Based on the preliminary illustrations, it seems to promise to do just that -- and with a unique visual spin on such mythic mainstays as the kappa and the kraken.

The project is currently full funded, but go explore the Kickstarter page for more monstrous images with a scientific spin.